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2022 Fall Tournament - NYAC Minimize


NYAC 2022

October 14-16

New York Athletic Club




The Directors are pleased to announce the Fall event will take place in October, commencing Friday 14th through Sunday 16th October in the New York Athletic Club. ISL members will be able to book their accommodation in the NYAC from early June (please reference ISL Snooker). The NYAC will also host the main tournament in May 2023 with exact dates to be announced in due course. As always, I would like to express thanks on behalf of the ISL to the NYAC and the Knights of the Green Table for their continued support of the ISL. 


The Fall event includes a double elimination singles handicap tournament played on a best of 3 format with a single frame knockout for the losers side with winners of both sections meeting in the final. A doubles and singles scratch event will also take place that weekend with an opening cocktail reception on the Friday evening and a final night dinner on the Sunday evening. 


With places limited to approximately 16 travelling ISL members, please let me know directly if you are interested in participating. With another 16 places allocated for the NYAC members, can you please confirm your participation with Jamie Brunn and/or Tom Motta.


Many thanks & kind regards,

Connor Maguire




ISL Dublin 2022 Minimize


Dublin 2022

May 4-8

Stephen's Green Club 




Winners in Dublin 

Team Event Winners: Hibernian Club  - Eamon Egan, Richard George & Donal Boylan
Runner-up: Bermuda - Paul Fedden, Tyler Moniz & Paul Sammin/Gerry Murray

Doubles Winners: Tommy Doherty (SGC) & Tom Motta (NYAC)  
Runner-up: Rick MacKenzie (Canada) & Rick Duncan (Vancouver)

Singles Scratch Winner: Paul Fedden (Bermuda)
Runner-up: Ian O'Mahony (NYAC)

Don Thomas Winner: Nick Macos (Toronto)
Runner-up: Cliff Johnson (Ranchmens Club)

Singles Handicap Winner: Tom Tassone (NYAC)
Runner-up: Doug Fox (Toronto)

High Break: Doug Fox & Chris Purslow (tied)




Sixth U.S. Title Minimize


Aly secures
record breaking sixth U.S. title



Congratulations to Ahmed Aly Elsayed! 

Ahmed Aly Elsayed has won a record sixth United States National Snooker Championship title, after he overpowered Ajeya Prabhakar in the 2021 final with a comprehensive 5-0 defeat at the New York Athletic Club (NYCA).





2019 Fall Tournament Minimize


2019 Fall Tournament

October 25-27

Hosted by
NYAC – New York 




Winners in New York 

Doubles Winners: Pat Brake & John Carswell
Runner-up: Paul Feddon & Doug Laventure

Singles Scratch Winner: Pat Brake
Runner-up: Doug Fox

Don Thomas Winner: Geoffrey Brunn
Runner-up: Chris Brunn

Singles Handicap Winner: Doug Laventure
Runner-up: Pat Brake




2019 Toronto Tournament Minimize

2019 Toronto Tournament

May 22-26

Hosted by
The Corner Bank

925 Warden Ave, Scarborough, ON
M1L 4C5



CLICK HERE to view 2019 Toronto Tournament results

Winners in Toronto

Team Event Winners: Stevens Green Club - Fergus Condon, Tommy Doherty, Connor Maguire
Runner-up: Doug Fox, Ben Woolfitt, Pam Quodroy

Doubles Winners: Fergus Condon, David Carbonero
Runner-up: Kenneth Shea,  Michael Gregg

Singles Scratch Winner: Doug Fox
Runner-up: Steven Bremar

Don Thomas Winner: Bob Boate
Runner-up: Paul Fedden

Singles Handicap Winner: Tommy Doherty
Runner-up: Ayo Abraham




2018 New York Tournament Minimize

2018 Fall Tournament

October 18 - 21

Hosted by
New York Athletic Club 


Winners in New York 2018

Scratch Tournament:
Winner: Louis Pannullo (New York)
Runner up: Paul Fedden (Bermuda) 

Handicap tournament:
Winner: Tommy Doherty (Dublin Ireland)
Runner up: Caroline Purcell (New York)

Doubles Tournament:
Winner: Ahmed Aly Elsayed (New York) and Michelle Magazine (New York)
Runner up: Geoffrey Brunn (New York) and Maurice Doucet (Halifax)

High Break: Christopher Purslow (Ontario)



2018 Bermuda Tournament Minimize

2018 Bermuda Tournament

May 11 - 19

Hosted by
Ocean View Golf Club 


Winners in Bermuda 2018

Singles Handicap
Winner: Stephen Pavlick
Runner up: Tyler Moniz 

Winner: Pat Brake
Runner up: Paul Fedden

Winner: Pat Brake and Geoffrey Brunn
Runner up: Keino Zuill and Jamie Brunn

Team Play
Winner: Bermuda (Steven Bremar, Mike Zimmerman, Keino Zuill)
Runner up: Halifax (Kenneth Shea, Maurice Doucet, Stephen Pavlick)

Don Thomas
Winner: John Carswell
Runner up: John Watson

A section: Cliff Johnson
B section: Maurice Doucet
C section: Peter Thompson 

High Run of Tournament: Pat Brake 66




2017 New York Tournament Minimize

2017 Fall Tournament

October 19 - 22

Hosted by
New York Athletic Club 


Winners in New York 2017

Singles Handicap
Winner: Ahmed Aly Elsayed
Runner up: Connor Maguire 

Winner: Ahmed Aly Elsayed 
Runner up: Stephen Murray 

Winner: Caroline Purcell - Pat Brake 
Runner up: Maurice Doucet - Geoffrey Brunn

High Run of Tournament: Ahmed Aly Elsayed 86





ISL Vancouver 

The Vancouver Club


Winners in Vancouver 2017

Team Winner: Manitoba 
Players: Richard MacKenzie, Tom Garvey, Ayo Abraham-ajayi

Runner up: NYAC
Players: Ahmed El Sayed, Geoffery Brunn, Carolyn Purcell

Singles Handicap
Winner: Paul Fedden
Runner up: Stephen Pavlick

Scratch Tournament (A Division) 
Winner: Ahmed El Sayed
Runner up: Cliff Johnson

Scratch Tournament (B Division)
Winner: Nick Macos
Runner up: Mark Dumaris

Winners: Cliff Johnson, Tom Garvey
Runner up: Steven Bremar, Ayo Abraham-ajayi

Don Thomas
Winner: Pat Brake
Runner up: Carolyn Purcell




ISL Dublin 2016 Minimize

ISL Dublin 2016

The Stephen’s Green Hibernian Club 

Winners in Dublin 2016

Team Winner: Ireland 
Players: Connor Maguire, Tommy Doherty, Mike Mitchell

Runner up: Vancouver
Players: Paul Flemming, Larry McDonald, Peter Thompson

Singles Handicap
Winner: Cliff Johnson
Runner up: Maurice Doucet

Scratch Tournament
Winner: Ahmed El Sayed
Runner up: Pat Brake

Winners: Ken Shea, Steve Tuck
Runner up: Mike Mitchell, Christopher Purslow

Don Thomas
Winner: Peter Thompson
Runner up: Larry McDonald



2015 Fall Tournament Minimize

2015 Fall Tournament

Hosted by NYAC

Winners in New York 2015

Doubles Handicap
Winner: Maurice Doucet & Jamie Brunn
Runner Up: Richard MacKenzie & John Carswell

Winner: Rick Rady
Runner Up: Ahmed Aly

Handicap Singles 
Winner: Tim Rodenbush
Runner Up: Larry McDonald

High Run of Tournament: Ahmed Aly 58



2015 International Snooker League Tournament Minimize

The Ranchmen’s Club


Team Winners
Nova Scotia
A Steve Galka 
B Bill Cormylo
C Doug Fenton 

Team runner up
A Pat Brake
B Rick Duncan
C John Watson

A section winners: Pat Brake, Nova Scotia
B section winners: Tom Jackson, Calgary 
C section winners: Doug Fenton, Nova Scotia 

A section high break: Warren Saffel 66
B section high break: Bill Cormylo 36 
C section high break: Steve Pavlick 29

Individual Results
Singles Handicap Winner: Cliff Johnson, Calgary
Singles Handicap Runner Up: Dick Brown, Calgary 

Scratch Winner: Warren Saffel, Calgary 
Scratch Runner Up: Steve Bremar, Bermuda

Scratch High Handicap Winner: Maurice Doucet, Nova Scotia
Scratch High Handicap Runner Up: Larry McDonald, Vancouver 

Don Thomas Winner: John Carswell, Calgary 
Don Thomas Runner Up: Steve Pavlick, Nova Scotia

Tournament High Break: Warren Saffel 66, Calgary 

Doubles Winners: Warren Saffel, Calgary and Gordon Lang, Calgary 
Runner Up: Tom Jackson, Calgary and Maurice Doucet, Nova Scotia 

President's Trophy: Richard Strand, Calgary




2014 Fall Tournament Minimize

2014 Fall Tournament

Hosted by NYAC

Winners in New York Mini Tournament at the NYAC

Singles Handicap
Winner: Pat Brake 

Runner Up: Ahmed El Sayid

Doubles Handicap
Winner: Maurice Doucet & Tim Rodenbush 
Runner Up: Ken Shea & Nick Macos

Singles Scratch:
Winner: Ken Shea
Runner Up: Pat Brake 

High Run of Tournament: Ken Shea 59



2014 ISL Tournament Minimize

ISL Tournament

Hosted by
Toronto, Canada

Winners of Team Play
New York Athletic Club: Ahmed El Sayid, Isa Ismaili and Jamie Brunn

Runner up:
Toronto: Paul Flemming, Nick Macos, David Carbonaro

The President's Trophy 
New York: Terry Dunne 

Open and Divisional High Break Results
Open: Rick Rady – 63
A Division: Kenny Shea – 58
B Division: Nick Macos – 25
C Division: Mone Fong – 16

Individual Results
Singles Handicap Winner: Steve Bremar     
Singles Handicap Runner Up: Rick Duncan

Scratch Winner: Rick Rady
Scratch Runner Up: Kenneth Shea

Don Thomas Winner: Tom Greenan 
Don Thomas Runner Up: Aaron Bean 

Doubles Winners: Rick Rady and Steve Tuck
Doubles Runner Up: Herd Lehman and Mike Mitchell 



2013 ISL Tournament Minimize

ISL Tournament

Hosted by
Halifax, Canada

New York Knights Wins Team Play!
The New York Knights team of : Ahmed El Sayid, Isa Ismaili and Jamie Brunn are the 2013 ISL Tournament winnters. 
The runners up in Team play was Terminal City Club 1 of : Tim Rodenbush, Larry MacDonald and Keith Windsor.

Division Results!

A division winner is Tim Rodenbush
A division high break is Ahmed El Sayid with 48

B division winner is Maurice Hawkins
B division high break is Stephen Pavlick with 31

C division winners are Jamie Brunn & Mone Fong
C division high break is John Carswell with 22

Individual Results!

Singles Handicap Winner is Peter Thomson
Singles Handicap Runner Up is Paul Flemming

Scratch Winner is Paul Flemming
Scratch Runner Up is Kenny Shea

Don Thomas Winner is Richard Mackenzie
Don Thomas Runner Up is Richard Ellis

Tournament High Break was Ahmed El Sayid with 48

Doubles Winners are Paul Flemming and Maurice Doucet
Doubles Runner Up are Kenny Shea and Richard Strand



2012 Fall Tournament Minimize

2012 Fall Tournament

Hosted by NYAC

Winners in New York Mini Tournament at the NYAC

Singles Handicap

Winner: George Molnar, Toronto
Runner Up: Paul Schrumm, Toronto

Doubles Handicap

Winner: Paul Flemming & Herb Lehman
Runner Up: George Molnar & Paul Schrumm

Singles Scratch:

Winner: Isa Ismaili
Runner Up: Rick McKenzie


2012 ISL Tournament Minimize

2012 ISL Tournament

Hosted by Bermuda

Bermuda Wins Team Play!
The Bermuda team of : Stewart Greenslade, Richard Beale, & Aaron Bean wins Team play in Bermuda

Division Results!

A division winner is Ahmed El Sayid
A division high run is Paul Flemming 76

B division winner is Mike Zimmerman
B division high run is Isa Ismali 40

C division winner is Aaron Bean
C division high run is Timmy Sousa 26

Paul Flemming wins Don Thomas

Steve Bremner wins Handicap singles

Pat Brake & Larry MacDonald win doubles

Herb Lehman upsets singles scratch with a masterfully win over favorite Paul Flemming.


President Minimize

Connor Maguire        

Vice Presidents Minimize

    Richard MacKenzie

Honorary Members Minimize

Allison Fisher
Born: February 24 1968
Representing : England

Allison Fisher (born 24 February 1968) is an English professional pool (and former professional snooker) player. She won her first world title at the age of 17. To date, she has won over 80 national titles and 11 world titles in total. Fisher did not take long to make her mark in the world of pool, winning only the second tournament that she played in. She has an unequaled record, winning 50 WPBA titles, which includes 4 world 9-Ball championships. Since her move, she has also been the highest-earning player on a number of occasions, which takes into account male and female players. Matchroom sports invited her to play in the Matchroom snooker league, and she was also invited to play in the Mosconi Cup 1994, when Europe lost 16:12 against Team USA.Fisher was nicknamed "the Duchess of Doom" and gained a reputation similar to that of the fifteen-time darts world champion Phil Taylor and snooker players Joe Davis, Steve Davis and Stephen Hendry in the 1930s and 80s–90s, respectively.



Ray Reardon
Born: October 8 1932
Representing : Wales

In 1957, Ray Reardon was nearly killed when he was trapped for three hours after a mining accident. After his lucky escape, he decided to quit the Welsh pits and find employment as a policeman in Stoke. The English Amateur champion in 1964, Ray captured his first World Professional title in 1970 and went on to dominate the decade by winning the World title on another five occasions including a remarkable quartet of successes from 1973-1976. A former president of the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association, Ray remains a snooker legend and managed to reach the semi-finals of the World Championship in 1985 - at the age of 53! Awarded an MBE for his services to snooker, Ray was a role model for many young players coming into the game in the 1970's and 1980's.
CAREER HIGHLIGHTS - winner World Championship (1970, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1978), Pot Black (1969), B&H Masters (1976), Professional Players' Tournament (1982), Yamaha


Cliff Thorburn
Born: January 16 1948
Representing : Canada

Cliff Thorburn will always be remembered for becoming the first overseas player to win the Embassy World Championship in 1980 AND for being the first player to compile a World Championship 147 maximum in 1983. He was also the first player to make TWO 147's, his second maximum coming in the Matchroom League in 1989. Nicknamed "The Grinder" for his steely determination to win, Cliff reached two World finals, claiming the famous trophy in 1980 with an 18-16 victory over Alex Higgins. World No.1 in the 1981/82 season, Cliff enjoyed the unique surroundings of the Wembley Conference Centre for the Benson and Hedges Masters, taking the gold trophy on three occasions in 1983, 1985 and 1986. He also revelled in the World Team Cup as he skippered Canada to victory in 1982 and 1990.



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