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Our late friend Connie Falkiewicz who is fondly remembered, certainly started something when in 1974 he arranged a snooker match between the New York Athletic Club and The Old Colony Club Bermuda.  The following year he got together with the great World Professional Champion, Ray Reardon and Noel Miller-Cheevers in London and it was at this meeting that the International Snooker League was born.

The purpose of the ISL is to play amateur snooker throughout the world on an annual basis and each country in turn has the honour of hosting the tournament.

The ISL is non-profiting making, its aim being to use the great game of snooker to meet old friends and make new ones throughout the world.

The ISL has been graced by the presence of the worlds greatest snooker players, notably Jimmy White, John Spencer, Ray Reardon, Dennis Taylor, John Virgo, Cliff Thorburn, Alex Higgins, Willie Throrne, Stephen Hendry and the legendary Joe Davis.  After his death, Joe's wife June donated the Joe Davis Memorial Trophy which the teams play for today on account of the happy memories Joe had with the ISL.

The ISL has enabled its members throughout its events to visit different areas of the world and meet and make life long friends with people from those countries.


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